Submit Your Comic Writing

We want the second season of the Harbor Revue Variety Show to feature comic writing by YOU!

Selected scenes' authors will receive $100 and the scenes will be produced (professional actors - simply staged)
as part of the ongoing Harbor Revue Variety Show.
Author participation in the rehearasal process
and attendance at performances is encouraged but not manditory.

  • Deadline [A] September 4th, 2019

    • For October and December Episodes

    • Halloween or holiday-season themes welcomed but not required

  • Deadline [B] December 11th, 2019

    • For February and April Episodes

    • Wintertime or springtime themes welcomed but not required

  • 4 actors, maxmium

  • Comic scenes only

  • 7-15 minutes runtime

  • content, language and subject matter should be "PG-13"-ish

  • scenes should not have any lighting, sound, or other technical requiments

  • PDF files only, in standard script format

  • only writers living in Minnesota

  • submission fee: $12


Start here;
fill out the form, attach then upload the PDF:

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Then submit the contribution fee:

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